My name is Deborah Vidal.  I am called VIDAL by some, Deb or Deborah, by others, but please not Debbie! 

Before my health career started I played on the LPGA tour for 11 years.  Although I was a professional athlete first, I always considered health and food my passion in life.  I believe I was the only vegan/vegetarian on the tour the years that I played.  I lived on the road for 48 weeks a year and that meant eating out a lot, which made it difficult to eat the kind of food I needed to in order to feel my best.  Therefore I often stayed in people’s houses in the town we played so I could cook my special meals and eat healthy.  The nice thing about that was I met a lot of nice friends and I was able to pass the word on about health thru diet.  Over the years I became concerned about the pesticides used on the golf courses and began to research how I could free myself of this exposure. I think my clean diet made me extra sensitive to this toxic environment. That is when my interest in detoxing for health began. I sought out a lot of alternative practitioners all over the world, and those visits were the building blocks for my decision to become a homeopath years later. After 11 years on the LPGA tour I left due to a back injury and decided to pursue my passion in alternative health.  

My back injury stemmed from a terrible accident I had at the age of 11 when I was thrown from my horse.  I actually died in that accident and experienced what is known as an NDE (near death experience) where I left my body and watched them resuscitate me and then I went thru the tunnel of light before I awakened.  I believe this experience was deeply life changing for me in many ways.  First, because I intuitively knew when I came back that my work here was to help or heal others and make my life count and secondly because it left me with debilitating migraines for most of my life which led me to search for a natural cure when drugs were all the medical world could offer.  Diet was where the search began.

My first choice in diet came as a young teen when I decided to be vegetarian. Because I loved animals so much I grew up not wanting to eat meat right from the start in life. I visited a farm at the age of 11 or 12 and fell in love with a cow I named Rosie.  One day they killed her for our dinner and that was the last time I was ever forced to eat an animal again. From that point on I became extremely interested in learning how to be a healthy vegetarian, as I knew for me this was a decision for life.  Although I didn’t know what a vegan diet was back then later I learned that I was born a natural vegan because I hated meat, eggs and dairy. My chronic migraines led me try and study many natural health alternatives and to explore the effects of diet on my own well-being. Although my diet didn’t cure my headaches it certainly had a big impact on them always.  

Needless to say the journey to heal myself has been a long road. I continually researched for the answer and tried to understand the cause. I realized early on that I would be the only one to figure this all out. My philosophy has always been to take responsibility for my own health instead of relying on our medical system.  This has driven me to learn EVERYTHING I possibly can so I can help myself, family and friends and all my patients.

I believe knowledge is the key to freedom.  Real health is about truly being free by having the energy to do whatever you want. This journey has been driven by my strong desire for FREEDOM. I have a desire to feel my best, stay athletically active, avoid pain and disease and to look and feel young for as long as possible.  I want to live my life to the fullest and have the energy to do anything I want! I want to be FREE! The nice thing is that my journey is also helping to fulfill my life purpose of helping others and allowed me to live my passion. 

My podcast has been born out of my passion to teach others how to how to take responsibility for their health and to feel the best they can.  Education is a huge KEY to overcoming any health issue because we must learn the cause and effect of the choices we make in our life before we can take charge of our own healing.  With modern technology we can learn so much via internet and books, but we need to learn to look at the source of where the information is coming from. Some info is actually backed by science but most out there is not, hence all the confusion.  Health and Medicine is very much based on a reductionist approach, meaning we study, treat or learn the effects of each part of the whole but we don’t know or understand the powerful implications of the WHOLE. For example we can study how Vitamin C found in an orange is so powerful and healing yet we don’t know the real affect of that ingredient when eating the whole orange.  Is it more or less powerful and how are all the other nutrients synergistically reacting with the Vitamin C?  Another example is that a doctor will cut off a wart, take away a rash or fever without ever considering how it relates to the WHOLE person’s health.  This is a very dangerous approach and you will learn why when you listen to my podcast! 

Our body is giving us clues, which are called symptoms. I want to teach you how to understand the language of or body and how to use natural methods like homeopathy that deal with the whole body (mental emotional, & physicals) to heal the body on the deepest level.  There is NO shortcut to health via pharmaceutical drugs or other suppressive therapies.  Once one learns to understand the LAWS OF NATURE then all begins to make sense.  Combine this understanding with a whole foods plant based diet and some detox efforts and you too can feel your best!  

I currently live happily in the beautiful Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles with my partner Lloyd and our amazing cat Lucky LUKE. Lloyd is a motorcycle racer who also had a NDE when he was hit by a car that ran a red light while on his bicycle on a sidewalk.  He was hit so hard he severed his aorta in 2 places and died in surgery but they were able to bring him back and put in an artificial aorta!  And yes he still races!!! When I met Lloyd he needed a lot of TLC and good nutrition because he grew up loving milk and it ruined his gut. On top of that he had a lot of pain from his severe injuries.  We both have been thru so much due to our accidents that it has put us on a path to try many alternative health modalities to keep our body as pain free as possible.  We have lots of stories to share and can speak from experience about many alternative modalities, but especially how much a healthy vegan diet contributes to well being.  The hardships of the past have put me in a position to offer lots of hope and help to others.

Detox, homeopathic remedies and a whole foods organic plant based diet is a daily routine in our house. I am a self-taught cook who enjoys cooking healthy vegan recipes.  I love juicing, cooking & eating seasonally with produce from our local farmers market, and baking delicious treats . If we are not eating our healthy home cooked meals here on “the KNOB” as we call it, we can be found eating an amazing organic meal at Crossroads Kitchen, Sage or Café Gratitude!  We love hiking, motorcycle riding in the canyons and spending time with Lucky Luke.  We are both very committed to not only making a difference to our own health, but to do our part to live responsibly in our environment!

I look forward to sharing my stories and experiences, interviewing experts in homeopathy, plant based nutrition, detox and other alternative health modalities and inspiring you to start on your healing journey!



I am certified by The Council For Homeopathic Certification and a member of NASH (North American Registered Society of Homeopaths), where I served as Vice President for 2 years.  I have lectured in our National Homeopathic conference and I currently teach at homeopathic schools in Southern California.  In addition to all the required education for being a classical homeopath, I studied with many great homeopaths along the way. I also did a post-graduate study in Italy for 7 years. The last many years I have studied with one of the best homeopaths in the world, Dr. Farokh Master, who has taught me so much and I am very grateful for him.  My homeopathic practice named LA Homeopathy has served patients in Hollywood, California for 17 years.

Nutrition & Detox

As far as nutrition goes I am a graduate of Cornell University’s Plant Based Nutritional Program and have a diploma from Westbrook University in Nutritional Balancing Science, which is a study to learn how to detox via hair analysis.  But even before these official studies and ever since my teenage years I have been a life long student of the idea of Food as Medicine for acute problems and to sustain health.