Here a list of resources that will help you on your own quest for health.

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Homeopathic Info -- manufacturer of the most popular brands of homeopathic remedies sold in health food stores -- user-friendly site with a wealth of information -- good general website for the public -- North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH). Good site to find a professional homeopath -- includes a dictionary of homeopathic terms -- buy homeopathic books online for a reasonable price -- a good site for homeopathic books, tapes and any educational resource


Finding an alternative doctor or information -- locate alternative doctors by ZIP code and also to see what area they specialize in.


At home LAB testing – No doctor RX needed - great prices 


Medical Websites -- invaluable resource on diseases, symptoms and traditional medical treatments. -- excellent medical dictionary -- lists every pharmaceutical drug, actions and side effects -- a great website for vaccine information


Water INFO

Structured Water Info  

Hydrogen Water Benefits

More Info and Articles on Structured Water & Gem Water


Informative health books or movies:




Great LA Plant Based / Vegan Restaurants - My personal favorite; local ORGANIC and gourmet! - LOVE Sage – a must try and ALL ORGANIC! - Fantastic Mexican ORGANIC vegan! Wow! - ORGANIC,  fantastic and ALL vegan. - As they say: Organically delicious. - ORGANIC and Fantastic! A must try!  -Now all ORGANIC – Great find.  If you love Ethnic food this is a must.  Grab almost anything here.  Cool hang out & Food   Some good choices here.  Healthy vegan Thai food!   Amazing little place. Make reservations   Hole in the wall but so yummy!  Try some health plant based fast food.. Finally here!


Organic Pressed Juice Bars